On July 19th, The Cretins and The Awarewolfs hosted a Star Wars Bike Ride. It was the Friday night of Comic Con and everyone was out downtown. We try to avoid downtown cause of all the traffic and cops but since it was Comic Con, and since most of us were dressed up, it was totally proper that we go straight through downtown and not only that, but we HAD to have a light saber battle in the busiest intersection on the busiest night of Comic Con at the busiest time.

It had to have been about 10PM and we all rode to the intersection of 5th and Market. This intersection is the only one in downtown San Diego where for one light change, pedestrians can cross diagonally or straight across; no cars can go anywhere. So we all found room on the crowded sidewalk to set our bikes down and once the light changed, we all BATTLED.

We did this three times cause it was just too much fun.

Hope you enjoy the video. We were smiling ear to ear the entire time.

Feel free to share and repost!

MORE PHOTOS ON : theawarewolfs.com

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