My dad shot this video on our front porch with a P2HD and some good lighting while we had the equipment. Im playing the guitar I made from scratch, with a monome kit embedded in it. It was a long project... but fun.

Some parts are a bit out of tune(need to do some more guitar work) and Im still figuring out the setup(running 7up live on the monome). The audios pretty crappy on this recording unfortunately as my speaker setup was a bit janky... but hey! it was fun. Ran the vid through ScreenFlow for some super quick editing and export.

Im using Ableton Live for my audio bits and a Presonus Firepod to process my voice and guitar signal. We kinda just did this spur of the moment so I didnt get the audio from Ableton.

I wrote this song this last spring.

Benji Brown(twitter: theprojectabot) - music
Ben Brown Sr - video

There's Something - copyright 2009

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