A couple months ago I started compiling footage for Cedarland Homes at a current job site. The goal is to capture a complete build from start to finish. So far, the camera has captured a host of activities; from removing the old cottage, to blasting out the bedrock, constructing the foundation and so forth.

After constructing what closely resembles a large birdhouse to encase the camera, it was ready to be securely mounted and left to capture the magic. Some obstacles for this job included; powering the camera for 90 days (batteries would not work for obvious reasons - a power adapter and looong extension cord did the trick), and mounting the camera in such a way that the memory cards could be easily switched out every week without disrupting the exact composition of the shot (for this we screwed down a mounting plate for the camera to clip into). In other words, the casement had to be weather proof, easily accessible for changing the memory cards and fool-proof for returning the camera to the exact position.

Needless to say, I had some concerns going into this job. There were many potential hiccups in the process, such as; the camera gear over-heating, water getting in the casement, the machinery and construction activity possibly 'tripping' or digging through the power supply. However, in 60 days, and almost 500GB of photos later, the equipment has survived and the project has been flawless. And, the result is looking great -you can be the judge of that!

I am excited to share this little sneak peek of Time Lapse Video, and look forward to posting the complete video in August or early September.
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Additional Notes:
-The stills are being converted to video footage in Adobe After Effects - This allows for the most options in post production.
-The camera is taking pictures 24hours a day, 7 days a week. This saves the some ' camera babysitting time' but adds a lot of additional file size.
-My original capture rate was 1frame every minute - this means every second of time lapse video was 24 min of real time. However in post I have further increased the speed to keep things moving along nicely.

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