Time and again, the Iranians prove to be a lively pro-democracy nation. With around 72 percent voter turnout – a figure rarely seen elsewhere - in the last presidential election, they attested to be willing to practice their right of self determination to the full. The victor, Hasan Rowhani, having won the election in a landslide victory is now the country’s president-elect preparing to take office in August 3, 2013.
In the run-up to the Election Day, campaigns were heated and passions were running high. People were brandishing posters of their favorite candidates in the streets and were actively taking part in debates and gatherings to persuade a non-voter or to dissuade a rival. The young generation as it has always been in the post-revolution Iran, were at the heart of all this. Not only were they the most vocal of supporters, they could also be seen among the campaigns’ staff and organizers.
PRESS TV offers an exclusive look into the events and candidates’ colorful campaigns that lead to the victory of Iran’s next president.

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