This a testimonial I directed for a television special called, "A Night of Miracles", seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Cheryl Salem's story if filled with both devastation and hope. As a little girl she was in a car accident that scarred her face and damaged her leg beyond repair. Against all odds she pursued God for a miracle and went on to become Miss Mississippi on her way to becoming Miss America. Later in life, as she dealt with colon cancer and the death of her daughter, she pursued God once again for another miracle.

We shot this in a rented home in Costa Mesa where every wall had a mirror on it...except the wall near the front door. So we gelled the window and pointed another light at a wall to reflect in the mirror. A softbox was used as key light, with a reflector added for extra fill. What you see is the result of a very complex lighting job done by amazing professionals.

Shots of the country store and car were done in outside Nashville, Tennessee. When I got the footage, I noticed that the cameraman kept the camera running between setups -- so I slowed down these jerky shots to add drama to the car wreck scenes.

Interview transcriptions were used to write the script. The visuals came from The Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa, Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital in Baja, Mexico, as well as the Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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