Shadows on the Wall Heritage v Technology, Dance v Robotics, Light v Shadows Produced and presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria
A new Australian and Indonesian creative collaboration presented in the Arts Island Festival Indonesia
The Team: Australia & Indonesia Cake Industries - Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen, Australia. Agung Gunawan, Bimo Suryojati, RM Altiyanto Henryawan, Indonesia
Creative support Shadows on the Wall
Dhiyan Wahyu Wardhana, Benedictus Dain Wahyu Arjuna Deasylina Da Ary
James J Sadara Yogyakarta

Shadows on the Wall was a creative development that culminated in a unique performance incorporating traditional Javanese dance with media art and robotics in Bali and Java. Indonesian dancer Agung Gunawan was fitted with designed robotic appendages in a melding of old and new that when positioned in front of some of Indonesia's most iconic walls, and projected upon with animation and film, came together in a beautiful synergy of shadows and movement at the Arts Island Festival
Funded by the Australia Indonesia Institute and Arts Victoria - produced by Multicultural Arts Victoria

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