Earlier this year, spring 2013. Oliver Noakes, and I (Abhimanyu Bose) decided to create a timelapse of Keele University. It started off as a small project, which soon became an obsession over 4 weeks. We must have taken around 100 hours, spanning 4 weeks plus many many more editing and putting the footage together.

The video hasn't been released online until now because orginally Keele University Marketing department was interested in using the video for their marketing material. After many months of having no news, we finally got a reply from them. Apparently they don't feel that the video is to be part of their marketing campaign. - Hey ho! what are we meant to say to that. (NB - new update, Keele spent nearly £62K on a new sign, but they lacked funds for this after being approached by departments and students for the timelapse to be used... interesting)

So the copyright is owned by ourselves © Abhimanyu Bose and Oliver Noakes 2013. N.b we are independent artists and are not marketing for Keele.

We have spent a lot of time and effort on this video - hopefully you will be able to appreciate our hard work. For those of you who knew we were working on this project, thank you for being so patient until today to watch it online.

Spread the love, share it with your friends. LOVE: KEELE, LOVE: TIMELAPSES


From Abhimanyu Bose and Oliver Noakes.

PS - after reading this essay if you would like to send a Like our way, we would appreciate it, as we would appreciate any feedback in the comments section!

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