I was lucky enough to snag a Canon 7D at the local camera shop here in Idaho Falls. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of opportunity to do much with it. This is just a quick montage of the footage I've been able to get.

I'm very impressed with this camera's ability to shoot in very low light situations. You can shoot at pretty high ISO ratings and still have an excellent image when you are done. Also, it does a nice job of balancing colors, and of course offers a shallow depth of field when needed.

This is not a camera to go hand-held with, unless maybe you have some good support gear. I notices some jello on a few hand held shots, but not nearly what you get from the Nikon D90.

Everything was shot with the stock zoom lens that came bundled with the camera. I'd like to get my hands on some really fast primes.

I edited in Final Cut, and did a little bit of color adjusting, sharpening, and noise reduction on a few shots.

The song is "Letters from Memphis" by the Pixies.

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