They say that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

A community is only as strong as the people that help make it what it is.

This goes out to all of the hands that work together to build and sustain one of the strongest communities out there.

This goes out to the hands of Brooklyn.

Harrison Winter: Executive Producer / Executive Creative Director.
Zack Yanger: Creative Producer.
Ashley Autumn Crane: Director, Writer, DP, Producer, Editor and Color Grader.

Music Credit:
"The Changing Of Seasons" by Tony Anderson.
Get Tony's great music at:

Special thanks to the companies whose hands are featured in the video:

Jai Yoga Arts:


Brooklyn Roasting Company:

Nouveau Vieux Vintage:

Gnostic Tattoo:

Kave Espresso Bar:

Brooklyn Love & Tarot:


Tomahawk Salon:

Nail Art by Fleury Rose:

Amber Milanovich Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine:


Hair Metal Salon:

Brooklyn Ice Cram Factory:

Wafles & Dinges:

City of the Sun:

Shops at the Loom:

Brooklyn Yarn Café:

Silkys Brooklyn:

One Girl Cookies:

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