Ryan Muncy, sopranino saxophone
J. Austin Wulliman, violin
Chris Wild, cello
Sam Pluta, feedback televisions

60 Cycles is a work based on the harmonic series of 60 cycle hum. In this piece I have placed 6 telephone pickups on two televisions. I use a mixer to mix the sound of the 6 microphones. I send the sound from the microphones out the speakers and also back into the televisions. This creates the video component of the piece. The sound being sent into the televisions effects the visuals on the screen, which effects the sound picked up by the telephone pickups - thus resulting in a kind of feedback loop with the televisions acting as a filter.

The string part consists of long microtonally tuned diads which I run through a ring modulator. The sopranino saxophone part, largely improvised, is loosely based on fingerings that will result in the harmonic series of the 60 cycle hum.

See my website for a score:

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