Freaky Deeky
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Live public broadcast display of mustache piracy in full style freeform eyejuice. Freakzitsauce popping smiles, drinking video milk from their teets of exhibitionism.

MTN 17 Minneapolis Public Access
Every Sunday night 10pm
and streaming online:
All content taken from live TV

Producer: Hamil Griffin Cassidy
Co-Producer / Visuals: Hal Schuler (Time Squid)

Music: Brent L. Koeing
+ special guest Mux Mool

Raymond P. Whalen, Carolyn Kopecky, Ashley Sierra, Shawna Lee, Bobby Kahn, James Allen Graham, Camille Wormley, Kelly Day, Eric Zuelke, Kara Tharaldson, Matt Bardins, Molly Kroeten, Erik Tinberg, Jake Badnrad, Lindsey Lyford, Vanessa Salour, Sarah-Beth, Mica madmann, Aaron Landry, Micah Buckley-Farlee,
Special Thanks:
MTN, The Soap Factory, Ax-Man Surplus, DBL Fisted Tech - Nate Mains

Superstar Callers:
Biker Dad, Evan Lefavor, Ray Mcparlen

This Program is produced utilizing the production facilities available at Minneapolis Television Network

© HTGC 2009

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