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I live in Katowice, this city and the whole Poland has changed in recent years. Disposed of many factories and work places. And although established many new, but for many people for generations related to mines and steel mills came the period of change, the obvious ended. Some people do not find their place in the new reality and surrender to discouragement.

But not all. In recent times every year I go to Swietochlowice-Lipiny in the Upper Silesia in Poland in the day of Corpus Christi. I’m not alone - there you can meet a lot of photographers who themselves are already interesting topic for his fellow ;-) People who live there want to prepare the procession, traditional costumes, decorate the streets, get up at dawn. They don’t do it for photographers only. They do it for themselves, and this happens in a district that is a symbol of poverty, where many people have lost the basis of its existence. You may have read about in the newspapers about this place various things such as a lack of work, drunkenness, robberies, vandalism, hooliganism, eating dogs, etc., etc. However, each year many people organize the procession takes care of traditional costumes, decorated streets. I’m not going to create another photo story about the procession - Lipiny is an example. Such places are also in Katowice, where I live, in Bytom, which decays under the influence of mining damage, in Szopienice, Nikiszowiec Tarnowskie Gory, Chorzow, Rybnik. Something is born, something dies. Wealth and poverty, scrap collector pushing his cart next to the latest model of Mercedes, maybe 20 years ago, he and the owner of the car they were colleagues in one of mine. Instead of a steel mill, someone working in the hypermarket

The stories of people I will tell about them.

I will start this project in August this year and finish in December and I will publish ebook and book in print on demand on the Amazon next year to end of July.

I will allocate the collected funds for the necessary professional equipment and other project-related spending. Most of my previous photographic projects I have done borrowed equipment.

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Photos and Editing Jacek Lidwin
Singing Agnieszka Lucya
Guitar Tomasz Kurowski

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