Concrete Skateboarding Photo Editor Brian Caissie was on-hand filming a few stunts at this year's Vans Canada Road Block contest, held on July 21st, downtown Vancouver, BC. 4 shops (BLVD, Coastal Riders, Antisocial, Underworld) built obstacles and each shop team had a chance to skate them all.

In Order of Appearance:
Tyler Holm, Trevor Dunnett, Danny Hagge, Magnus Hanson, John Hanlon, Adam Hopkins, Conlan Killeen, Paul Trep, Mike Schulze.

Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
Music: "Ricky's Theme" by the Beastie Boys

Coastal Riders wheelchair bump to bar: Team CSTL ($1000)
Underworld fence hurdle: Team CSTL ($1000)
BLVD vert wall: Team BLVD ($1000)
Antisocial beer can: Team BLVD ($1000)

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