My name is Lorenz, I'm from Innsbruck, goofy footed and I'm 17 years old.
I'm proud to present you the last video of my Season 2012/13.

Now I want to thank my sponsors: Colour Wear, Ftwo, die Boerse and Rox Energy
you also should check out go-shred.com
Its a website for carsharing into the mountains, which helped me out really often this season
I also want to give a shoutout to the Oneglove Gang aka TSV and my friends and trainers from Skigymnasium Stams
My last and biggest gratitude goes to all my friends who went snowboarding with me, learned new tricks with me and also filmed with me when i annoyed them :P

song1: Hooray for Earth - No Love
song2: Twin Shadow vs. Hooray For Earth - A Place We Like

I edited the whole Video by myself but i want to thank steffi für helping me, making the logos
And yes in my trailer, which i made just for fun, I called the my video february - may but I learned some more tricks in hintertux, which i wanted to film so I changed the name but I hope you enjoy it anyway

Cheers Lorenz

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