Super 16mm footage was shot with a personally modified Krasnogorsk-3 (Красногорск-3) .
Kodak film stocks:
7203 50D (600ft)
7207 250D (100ft)
7219 500T (100ft)
(We deliberately opened the camera at certain points, misaligned the pressure plate, and forced film jams in camera to create the flashes and scratches for the transitions.)
All processing and supervised telecine by FotoKem in Burbank CA.

Digital video was captured with a BlackMagic Cinema Camera in 2.5K raw, and a couple of shots were with a Canon 7D.
Canon EF lenses and adapted Nikon AIS prime lenses.
Color graded with a combination of Adobe Raw and Speed Grade. The camera profile had to be massively tweaked in Adobe Raw and saved into the DNG files, in order to eliminate magenta/green hue shifting, and produce a usable curve and color space for Speed Grade. We shot some stills on Kodak 5219 to use as a reference while color grading. (SHOOT FILM!)

Produced by Matthew Manus & The Wright Brothers

Matthew Manus - Director/Editor
The Wright Brothers - Director of photography
Dan Steller - Production Supervisor/DIT (Digital Imaging Technition)
Gia Canali - Associate Producer/Stills
Denise Foerster - Set Design/Props

Additional camera operators - Justin Montante, Kevin Snelson

Special Thanks - David Newbert, The Koch family, David Bernal and the Historic Hemet Theater, FotoKem lab, Kodak Motion Picture Film

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