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A mansion in the wood undergone through three generations: a child, a girl and an old woman appear to live in a world apart. Time is kept ticking by performing freak rituals which seems to be feared by others, as a matter of fact everyone in the nearby village tries to avoid any unnecessary contact. They keep on living in isolation between their arcane tasks, as laying the table for a guest that shall not come.
Three deranged from the nearby town’s perspective, to the point of being considered witches. To tell the truth they are the legacy of an ancient matriarchal society keeper of the most important among secrets. Until an upcoming apocalypse will force them to reveal themselves...

A short movie driven by meticulous style and technique, set almost entirely among nature (rivers, craters and mountains) highlighted by the mysterious and suspended atmosphere surrounding them. The ending will be true to sci­fi standards but at the same time will reach an unexpected resolution: a sort of sci­fairy tale based on suggestions and emotions rather than special effects.

Directed by Stefania Rota + Claudio Della Negra
Written by Stefania Rota + Fabrizio Bozzetti
DoP - Fabio Cresseri
Camera Operator - Gabriel Fusion
1 A/C - Luca Poldelmengo
Scenographer - Diego Lorenzo Zanitti
Editor-Color - Gabriel Fusion + Stefania Rota
Young Girl - Sofia D'Ambrosio
Woman - Stephel Tesla
Old Woman - Walpurga Maria

Federico Orgnani
Philip K. Dick

Music - Von Tesla

Special Thanks to - all people that help us and believe in this project

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