This reel is a collection of pieces that I was a part of. From writer, to director, to actor; these are the films of Nicholas Collins.

Contact Info:

Films included:

"Honesty in Perspective" - Writer/Director (2012)
"Daunting" - Writer/Director (2011)
"Efficiency"- Producer/Acting double (2012
"Gyroscope"- Writer/Lead Actor (2011)
"Harvey's Dream" - Writer/Director (2012)
"October 12, 2006" - Writer/Director (2011)
"The End" - Lead Actor (2012)

Selections from
"The Joker Blogs"- Actor/Director of Photography/Assistant Writer/Producer (2012-2013)
"The Doctor is In"
"Phantom Pains"
"Therapy Ends"
"Fall of the House of Arkham"

Music selection:

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