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Brand Ambassador Lyndsey Segar tells us how she always wears her invisible crown during our Seventeen Magazine photo shoot. Lyndsey wears a stylish teal necklace and a simple but elegant blazer with her XOXO dress for a classy career-ready look. XOXO style 6453GGS5 features a sleeveless v-neck bodice and faux leather skirt for a style that is both elegant and chic. Try Lyndsey's look to leave you feeling confident and to ensure you turn some heads at every party, internship, or casual event. Show us how you wear your crown by commenting below or hash tagging #mycrown.

To me Lyndsey wears her invisible crown because she is very smart both on screen and off, so she is very good at conveying that through the camera, she's just very smart in her poses.

The way that I think Lyndsey wears her invisible crown is probably by her brain power she knows exactly whats good for her at that moment.

Always wearing your invisible crown to me means to always be confident and act like a princess on a daily basis. It's important for girls to always wear their invisible crown because you should always be proud of the way you look. Someone in my life who always wears their invisible crown would have to be my sister Hayley because she doesn't care what people think about her but she respects them and she is just a good person. A celebrity role model that wears their invisible crown is Beyoncé because she is strong fierce and independent with everything that she does. For a teen girl who isn't confident some tips for confidence would have to be looking up to a confidence role model which in my case are my two older sisters. The hairstyles that work best for a crown or tiara would have to be anything that resembles a Disney princess. Something that instantly makes me feel confident is mascara because it gives me that extra oomph to walk out the door. A prom queen moment for me is getting good grades on my report card. A time that I look back on wishing that I wore my invisible crown was when I had braces because I didn't really like being on my teeth and I was afraid to smile with my teeth. My favorite outfit to wear with my invisible crown is my leotard for gymnastics because when I'm preforming my routine it gives me some more confidence. I'm Lyndsey Segar a PromGirl brand ambassador and remember to always wear your invisible crown.

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