Hunter swims the Lake Harriet 2 mile swim following the one mile swim race event, totaling 3 miles for the morning. Her swim time for the one mile was 29:32. This race was the first part of the Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon Series.

Since the Lake Harriet Swim, Hunter has been working towards her long distance goals. On Saturday, July 27th she will swim 5 Miles in Lake Minnetonka and the very next day compete at the Chisago Lakes Triathlon.

The Huntress is a documentary about recovery from substance abuse, and all it's challenges.

Hunter has been sober since January 2nd, 2012. In the film, we explore how and why she chose to focus on athletics as part of her recovery. We also examine how Hunter balances being a single mother of three, training, and witness the strength and courage it takes to do it all while overcoming substance abuse. Having just graduated with her BA in Peace and Conflict Studies degree this past fall - the world is wide open to Hunter. Currently unemployed due to a balancing act that includes her three children's schedules (who each have seperate fathers) - making it through the day, week or even a month would seem like a feat for anyone. What is Hunter's next step? What is it like to try and have a personal life when you fear people will keep holding the past against you? How will she compete in athletic events? We explore this and more through Hunter's struggles, strength and determination.

This film is under the direction of Teri Tenseth Market and Robert Pack in conjunction with KQAL 89.5FM Winona.

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