the "excerpts" reference to the long-term experimental film tradition in vienna, especially to kurt kren, a teacher and personal friend of hans bernhard. the underlying everyday objectes and images become secondary to the visual experimentation and the abstract narrative created by very personal experiences during the creation of various artworks, such as videos, software, paintings, actions, sculptures and installations.
UBERMORGEN initiated the "experimental; excerpts" series as publishing-platform for audio-visual attempts. soon it became clear that it is all about selection, to decide which of the thousands of short movies, images and found footage are unworthy, and to select the very frew outstanding films, singular enough to be published out of the vast sea of data into the big ocean of global visual mass; and strong and self-conscious enough to demand attention and create tension from and for potential spectators.

concept & production: UBERMORGEN
edited by Victor Neustetter

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