A while back I made a song for realtime animation pioneer Michael Scroggins to listen to while he practiced his liquid lightshow.

Then a few months later, I was playing around with Touch Designer, (doing realtime animation experiments) and I created a lot of cool footage in a short amount of time.
I decided to edit it together, and the song I made for Michael Scroggins seemed to work perfectly.
The intro resembles an electric beach, and since Scroggins is a Psychedelic creature who used to "live to surf", and the song worked... so came the title: "Scroggins Beach".

This has a 3d effect (about 1-2 minutes in it starts) so follow the directions at the beginning of the film if you want to see the effect. Dark, non-polarized sunglasses work best.

BTW: this is 100% in computer created visuals. No video from reality was used.


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