Just a few shots from the start of the 2013 Australian season at Thredbo. Sorry for the nauseating pole cam footage but that's all I got. I just wanted to show everyone that even though it rains a lot here and the snow is usually anything but "light and dry", occasionally we do ski a little powder here.
It's been one of the slowest starts ever down here. We had a bit of snow (the first few shots in this edit) and then it rained and washed the whole thing away. I was almost ready to pack up and call it, but then it snowed again. Just enough to cover everything and make skiing awesome. Australians use the term "light and dry" to describe every day here that isn't raining, so it's become a bit of a joke to me. There is no "packed powder", "machine groomed granular", "ice", or any other term for that matter that they use to describe the snow conditions. Just "light and dry". Even when that is the most remote thing from the truth. But sometimes and I mean SOMETIMES, "light and dry" is totally accurate. So I've captured a few of those "light and dry" moments for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy! Again, sorry for the nauseating pole cam footage.

- Bernie Rosow

Music: Rihanna - Stay (Branchez Bootleg)

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