This sequence is showing the artist Martin Riegraf in his studio which is located in the KunstWerk Cologne. KunstWerk Cologne is one of the biggest independant artists' houses in Germany. This small film is a cutout of my forthcoming - and the very first - documentary about this unique “art-factory”.
Martin Riegraf comes across as a shy and withdrawn kind of artist. I therefore tried to make him forget the presence of the camera so I could capture the intimate ambience in his studio. Martin seems to immobilise the subjects of his erotic paintings. I wanted to allow the viewer to understand what it takes him as an artist to express himself and how difficult it can sometimes be for him to find the right mood for the painting.
My camerawork is very voyeuristic. In one scene where the artist is standing in front of his work and looks like he is being part of it, you get the impression that he is completely immobilised. Somehow it feels like he has become part of his own painting which is very peculiar. He is being artist and model at the same time.
During the first part of the working process my focus was on the sounds inside the studio whilst Martin is painting ; the viewer can hear him moan with discontentment as well as the sound of the pencil whilst he is drawing. There´s the sound of running water in the sink and the noise of the coffee machine. His nude model in the clip is the performance artist Angelica Schubert, also a resident at Kunstwerk Cologne. The clip's soundtrack was recorded by various artists at KunstWerk Cologne.

Cologne in october 09

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