Since 2007, the city of Groningen, The Netherlands, hires a shepherd , Bouke Arends, and around 300 sheep to take care of their berms. The flock brings to the city an increase biodiversity, pleasure, new sounds and smell, and humour! As an artist I was fortune to join Bouke on two journey, and I created a video and a photography essay of this amazing experience.

Some background information on the city flock and shepherd of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Since 2007 under the umbrella of sustainable landscape management, the city of Groningen (The Netherlands)
assigned a flock of sheep guided by a shepherd to maintain the berms. The amount of sheep fluctuate depending on the amount of lams born, in 2011 there were 374 sheep. The flock consists of two breeds of sheep the Schoonbeker and the Veluwese Heide Schaap, they are strong, not prone to panic, and have no horns. By selective grazing and transportation of seeds on their coats, the biodiversity of the berms is increased. The sheep maintain around 21 ha of berm in the city of Groningen. This information comes from the following website:

One can follow the Bouke Arends on twitter

For my photo essay of the city shepherd passing through the city please visit this link:

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