Singled Out By the MyBlock2013 production team Trvll Ink

Bullying. Murder. Drama. Comedy.
A fictional interpretation of the effects of bullying starts this film off.
As a past outcast of the AWOL community, Theresa invites her now grown peers to her home and everyone disappears mysteriously as her thirst for revenge gets the better of her. Following the fictional interpretation is a documentary style series of interviews with real life bullies, the bullied and bystanders to explore this important issue in our world.

**This film was created and produced by students in All Walks of Life Inc.'s youth film and photography program - MyBlock. The film and video production class, titled “My Block”, is a spring to summer-long program that provides students with an introduction to the various aspects of film production and photography, including camera operation, editing, script-writing, direction and basic engineering for lighting and sound.

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