SmackTop is an open-source utility for Mac laptops which allows you to control your favorite piece of music-making software by tilting and smacking your laptop.

In this demo, I walk through how to setup SmackTop and demonstrate its use with Ableton Live. This is not meant to be a tutorial on MIDI-mapping or sidechaining in Live...there are great demos elsewhere for this. For a much more thorough documentation of SmackTop, please see the README wiki page. For help with setting up the sidechain effects in Live with SmackTop, see this related walkthrough: The entire functionality of Smack-A-Duck is included in SmackTop (except now you don't need to know anything about Chuck coding)!

When taken full advantage of, the laptop is an incredibly expressive instrument. I'm sick of watching DJs check their email on stage. One of the biggest challenges in computer-based music is to prove you are 'doing something' on stage. I offer you a free solution. Get physical with your computer...smack it around a bit.

Other videos of SmackTop in action:

Special thanks to Jogger for the stems to their kick-ass song "Nice Tights".

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