Destroy Genders or Fucking Genders: for a no binary society english V2

Destroying Genders or Fucking Genders : for a no binary society.

Video of the exhibition. DVD. PAL 48mn

Male, Female ? Masculine, Feminine ?
Does this pseudo « natural order of things » mean anything anymore ? Isn't there something beyond gender, something which is still unthinkable because it is wordless ?
To what extent is the sex/gender binary a political system constructed to control individuals, without any « natural » basis ?
Why do some « identities » have to confront the binary norms in which they can't live fully ? Why this violence ? Is the Natural order of Things the last taboo, without which society would be at risk of collapsing ? How are some transgender and intersexed movements what could allow to question the old masculine/feminine foundations of our society ?
This project, through the portraits and self-descriptions of 17 persons, tries to speak the « unspeakable » :
How to live in less narrow, more fluid « identities »... ?
by denouncing forced assignment to sex and gender.
By denouncing forced injunction to sex and gender.
by fighting for the right to self-identification without marginalization, psychiatrization, pathologization, oppression...
by questioning the Natural Order of gender and sex.

Naïel, June 2009

This video is under creative commons license, if you want to circulate the exhibition photos or video in the best quality you can contact me here: naiel [at]
It is intended to disseminate the exposure in film festivals offset, DIY or not but give rise to commercial use.
The entire project exposure photographs, texts and drawings of people here:

draft version 2 is an integer in French and English here:

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