Did you know that teachers stop developing their pedagogic skills after just three years in the profession? These short videos supplements a series of case studies originally commissioned by Becta – the lead agency in the United Kingdom for the promotion and integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in education. The series is aimed at teachers who are yet to brave new technologies and want to know the honest benefits and drawbacks, any safeguarding implications, and how it might help them with inspection. Why not get yourself off that plateau and kick start the new you? The full case study for this video can be found here: ccqi.org.uk/good-practice-resources/education-technologies/second-life.

You will also find six short documentaries on outstanding use of technology here: ccqi.org.uk/film/outstanding-use-of-technology.

The Centre for Creative Quality Improvement’s work is focused on helping providers in the Learning and Skills sector understand the following corner-stone questions: ‘Every system has an impact. Do you know what impact you’re having? Is it the one you want?’

We then help providers find innovative solutions to their perennial problems.

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