Here guys and girls, is a mix I did a couple weeks back with a very special guest and good friend of mine, up and coming producer Zentra! It was great to work with him and I'm happy to finally present it to you here!

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Tracklist as follows. Be sure to support the artists!
0:00 Must Die! - Fever Dream, Part 1
3:53 Razihel & Virtual Riot - One for All, All for One
7:32 Infected Mushroom & Pegboard Nerds - Nerds on Mushrooms
11:48 Infected Mushroom - Nation of Wusses
18:07 Schoolboy ft Hydra da Hero - Lunch Money
21:54 Kezwik & Phrenik - Ready for Impact (Tut Tut Child remix)
25:14 Razihel - Bad Boy
29:03 Knife Party - EDM Death Machine
31:47 Knife Party - EDM Death Machine vs Revolvr - Feel Good (Quadrant mashup)
34:17 Zentra vs Zedd - Fresh Spectrum (Quadrant mashup)
-Zentra Guest Set-
39:20 Barrel of Monkeys - Monkey Business
41:12 Archaeoprix - Arena
43:09 Sirensceol - Fire
45:06 Fusk Asker - Bully (Chris Poirier remix)
48:36 Auvic - Firestorm
52:48 PrototypeRaptor - Timeless
55:17 Sawgood - Besoffen
57:47 Urban Contact - Starburst (Rabbit Killers remix)
1:02:24 Walden - Intropial (Special Features remix)
1:06:48 Farleon - Millenium

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