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Sebastian Christoffel's videos depict a very distinctive world. It is no concidence that one of his first works was called "Come into my world". Another work dating from the same period is entitled "it's all there" The titles alone accurately evoke the atmosphere created by Christoffel and are an invitation to enter. Once inside, we marvel at the world in which we find ourselves. Dance and sculpture, and the artist's passion for birds blend in effortlessly with gymnastic exercices (à la Leni Riefenstahl) to create a highly coherent result. Because he always uses himself as the connecting thread, we accpet his logic and allow ourselves to be swept up. But the artist enjoys adressing his audience directly and destabilizing it, as in the scene in which he wraps his entire face up with scotch tape. Our initial laughter becomes a feeling of malaise when we realize that he is actually beginning to suffocate.
The irony behind his antics is constantly emphasized, but his work also has a poetic dimension: his genuine passion for dance, his love of birds, the silence of a sculpture and the pleasure taken in performing body movements that evoke a greek statue. The artist observes his own activities and passions from a distance and allows us to partake in his duality. In the sometimes bizarre combination of visual elements presented, you can see to what extent he is himself the Christoffel'swork, which at times makes us laugh out loud and at others assaults us, is filled with poetry and thus restores us to our own life.

Text by Margriet Kruyver

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