This little hoglet came in to us today here at Willows Hedgehog Rescue. It came in with a sibling which died within a couple of hours.

Up until around 24 hours ago this little hoglet, it's dead sibling and one other were with mum. However she had made a nest under a drain and the owners of the house noticed this and that they were getting soaked every time water was used in the house. They moved mum and 3 hoglets to a safer place however mum decided to move off and sadly only took one hoglet with her and abandoned the other two.

The worrying thing is that both the hoglets that came in were very underweight even though they had been with mum until 24 hours ago. I can only presume that mum was struggling in this very hot weather to find food and water for herself and as a consequence the hoglets were suffering. Also mum probably had between five and seven hoglets which means she had already lost hoglets.

If you find a nest you are concerned about please contact a rescue centre so the situation can be assessed and the correct course of action taken. Please leave water out for hedgehogs and if you can some food.

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