Nothing says I love you like a tattoo. It's one of the highest forms of flattery for a brand. On May 22, 2013 we asked our friends on Facebook if they'd like a 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' tattoo. We also offered to pay (using only Abe Lincolns). Since then we've been hooking a bunch of kick ass Kentuckians up with some amazing 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' tattoos. We've documented all of the action on this here video. Enjoy! #KentuckyKicksAss

Graphics: Adam Kuhn
Videographer: Stanley Sievers
Editor: Brad Pearce
'Kentucky Kicks Ass' logo by Cricket Press
Big thanks to Charmed Life, Tattoo Charlies, Voodoo Tattoos, Back Alley Tattoo, Lucky Lady Tattoo

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