This film will surprise you.
In 2004, my friends and I sent 50 cameramen and women out onto the streets of New York City to document what really went down during the week of the Republican National Convention.
A series of personal stories are intertwined to form a combined vision of reality - which includes the largest critical mass ever, tons of protests, marches, riots, arrests, police brutality, sadness, happiness, music, poetry, and hope.
We ended up with what you see here - A FREE 1 hour documentary, a multi-perspective meditation on the nature of political and creative dissent and the government's response in a post 9-11 world.

Originally distributed as a 3-part torrent, you can watch the whole film here. Sorry for the low resolution of this cut, though it is absolutely watchable - we put the 3 parts together from the 3-part web edits. The content is what is important.

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