This teaser was shot to promote Crook County Way, a feature film in development by writer-director John Breen.

Brian picked the worst possible day to join in international gun smuggling crew

On the first day of Brian Parker’s new job, he Googles “how to stop the bleeding from a gunshot wound.” He's doing his best with the on-the-job training, but working for Mr. Marinov, a philosopher turned gunrunner, is trickier than he thought it would be. Brian regrets his career choice when his boss’s bold attempt to overtake a drug cartel goes epically awry. With his new coworkers dead and the boss's gorgeous girlfriend helping him tie tourniquets, Brian finds himself entering the "mouth of the dragon" with zero options for turning back.

Teaser crew and cast:
Director-Writer-Producer: John Breen
Producer: Rian Moore
Cinematographer: Giovani Knox
Editor: Giovani Knox
Assoc. Producer: Erin Jean O'Regan
Assoc. Producer: Heather Harlow
Sound Mixer: Lou Chain
Armorer: Jay Lance
PA: Jen Sparano

Michael Fetters
Jed Arkley
Jana Lee Hamblin
John Breen
Drew Barrios
Kaija Magee
Anatoli Brant
Scott Engdahl
Gerrin Mitchell

Special Thanks:
David Cress, Bryn Forbes, Margo Gardiner, Janet Rivera, Nicole Seeley, Marie Murphy


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