Talk: Good designers can create art from anything and often look for happy accidents in the organic realm to inspire them in their designs. So can CAD provide an organic playground in which one can delve into organic ideation in a more natural way and find those unexpected moments of inspiration. Yes it can. Modern tools provide a new canvass on which to throw your paint. Brad Peebler from Luxology ( will share with you how some of the top designers today are using digital tools to recreate those organic moments of inspiration.

Biography: Previously Brad was a co-founder of Luxology, the software company based in Mountain View, CA. that produce Modo and who also license rendering technology to the likes of DS SolidWorks and Bentley Systems.

Serious about modelling and rendering Brad is extremely knowledgeable about all things 3D.

Brad’s main thing is trying to establish better workflows into the 3D content creation process.

He brings an interesting perspective to the conference as his experience and technology spans both the increasingly intersecting worlds of entertainment and CAD.

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