"Fantasia, the world of human imagination, is once again, in decline. It is now up to the Bringer of Hope to receive the ancient necklace, Auryn, by the Carrier of Auryn, to revive The Ivory Tower, beacon of hope.

Their world is at the brink of destruction if mankind's imagination fails. Using Auryn, she must instill hope in us all, and re-ignite the Ivory Tower.

The Nothing is strong, lack of imagination, but hope lies in us all, to save their world by using our power of imagination."

My super short film I did at Academy of Art in 2005 as my senior project, nominated for Best VFX at the Spring Show.

Directed and VFX by: David Luong
Camera Man: Isaac Dietz
Bringer of Hope: Eloisa Honrada
Carrier of Auryn: Ron Coloma

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