Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, and wondering when you will "make it"? Does this comparing make you feel like a chicken with your head cut off because you can't seem to find happiness in what you do?

Is the world too distracting with all this information, technology, and constantly checking in? When does the "Quantified Self" become neurotic and limiting of actually living?

Do you have something that you haven't accomplished, or didn't finish and beating yourself up about it? Are you afraid to even reach out to people about it in fear that they may "steal" your idea, or think you're crazy for coming up with something else?

Are you too hard on yourself? Do you hear this often and wonder when life will be easy to allow yourself to get done the things you want to get done? Are you struggling in your current job/career, and even though you are accomplishing stuff, it just doesn't seem like enough?

Do you think you're awesome?

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