I've always been fascinated by how we look to the Future and how people respond to anyone who dares to comment on what might happen tomorrow - To put it bluntly? People who attempt to predict the Future are usually burnt at the stake - either literally or figuratively. We take great glee at poking fun at those who 'predict' Flying Cars - or whether or not '640k should be good enough for anyone'

This little session explores what we can learn from failed predictions, what types of predictions go awry, and what rules we can apply to our thinking as we look out to the Future and try to plan for what has yet - not occured.

Here's a prediction about this session - it won't consist of idle musings - you'll be able to take an idea or two back to your organization and apply it - if not immediately - then perhaps tomorrow.

Here are a few concepts.

1) How can we apply something like Moore's Law to our thinking?
2) What always happens to a new technology?
3) Are there 'cusps' in the maturation of any technology that we can exploit?

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