Over the last 8 years of shooting Discovery Channels Hit show, Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe became increasingly concerned over the skills gap in the United States.
Each year millions of skilled trade jobs go unfilled as our country continues to push a traditional 4 year degree.
In an effort to change the tide, he created the Mike Rowe Works Foundation and now Profoundly Disconnected.
Listen as Mike explains the growing skills gap and the need for skilled workers in the United States.
On Labor Day of 2008, fans of Dirty Jobs built mikeroweWORKS, a trade resource center and non-profit foundation designed to reinvigorate the Skilled Trades. Profoundly Disconnected is the next phase of that effort. My goal here is to challenge the absurd belief that an expensive four-year education is the best path for the most people, and confront the outdated stereotypes that continue to drive kids and parents away from a whole list of worthwhile careers. Many of the best opportunities that exist today require a skill, not a diploma. The purpose of this site is to promote that simple truth. And maybe have a few laughs.
Mike Rowe once gave a TED Talk on the Changing Face of the Modern-Day Proletariat, and in May 2011, he testified before the U.S. SENATE COMMERCE COMMITTEE about the importance of changing perceptions and stereotypes around blue-collar work. Currently, Mike and Caterpillar are working together to launch PROFOUNDLY DISCONNECTED, a new initiative focused on technical recruitment.

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