La Vie en Rose is a project on video, photography, performance and website platform, with the (real) objective of finding the love of my life. I’ve just turned 51 and after several love stories of different durations, I am single again. It’s ok now, I’m not so desperate as I used to be and I have finally managed to be happy on my own, but I know that somewhere in the world there’s someone who is just perfect for me.
I’ve always used my life in my art practice (see autobiographic video Someone to Love, Celeste Prize 2012), and my creative process to work on myself. This time it’s a sort of preparation for love, expressing my emotions, thoughts and desires, working on what’s wrong (for example, failure) but also exploring new resources I never thought I possessed, such as irony and the capacity for seduction and, as always, showing my vulnerability.
La Vie en Rose is a work in progress. The exhibitions and performances are shown during the process of creation, and the project’s evolution is stimulated by the public’s reactions.
On May 16, at Effearte Gallery in Milan, where my video La Vie en Rose #1 was first shown, I shaved my head to zero as a sort of initiation, expressed what I felt in that moment and tried to put into practice my capacity of seduction.
The following performance during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, was held at the Galerie du 4 Septembre, on July 3. Soon on Vimeo!
My next performance will be in Braga, Portugal, in the middle of the street, during the festival Encontros da Imagem, on September 14.

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