This is the second video I've made at the London Protests, the first was more of an introduction to the cause, this one details full interviews with people attending the event, they all had interesting things to say so it's got a bit lengthy! But please watch it all the way through. If you do wish to skip to a certain talk, the timings are as follows:

1:09 Sue Blackhurst, victim of Dangerous Dog Act
4:40 Stephen Frazer, dog behaviour expert
13:30 Nicky Hoad, anti BSL creative activist
18:15 Jordan Shelley, positive method dog trainer
23:00 Carol Bell, anti BSL activist, Canine Crusaders
27:05 Robert Alleyne, behavioural trainer

Many thanks to all interviewees and to by assistant Sophie, who helped so much. Also thanks to all who attended and everyone involved in the mission!

Dedicated to all those affected by Breed Specific Legislation.

Music: "Dogboy Vs Monsters" by Flipron


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