Official Selection:
2013 San Francisco Black Film Festival
2013 Hollywood Black Film Festival

It's the 70's in the old neighborhood & Mrs. P has a distaste for the evolving community, which due to the economy is overpopulated with 'too many Niggers' and wants Mr. P to sell while he can still turn a profit; however as long as the mob wants him to operate the Pizzeria they are obligated to remain. To make matters worse, Mr. P employs D 'one of them' as he is referred to by Mrs. P to help out and 'make deliveries.' So when a heroin addict attempts to rob them at gunpoint Mrs. P is certain D is a co-conspirator and relishes the opportunity to point out to Mr. P how she 'told him so'.

Shot on canon 7D
Canon 50mm f 1.8
Canon 20mm f 2.8
Using Cobra Crane

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