A once beautiful world, now bathed in Darkness.

Their inhabitants mysteriously start to disappear.

And Light...is their only hope.


Shine is a 3rd-person action/stealth game that finds Gamma, our hero, trapped in an engulfing darkness. His environment, so starved for Light, reacts hungrily to Gamma's aura, and a hidden beauty is revealed in its wake.

But, it is not just beauty that hides in this Darkness.

Gamma must rely on his senses in order to survive the dangers lurking deep in the darkness, using his Lumen powers to light his path.


Shine is a sensorial experience that forces the player to rely on sight, sound and touch, in order to navigate through this Darkened environment.

Join us, and descend deeper and deeper into this encroaching Darkness, to uncover a beauty that once was, and to restore Light to its rightful place.


This is a walthrough of the second level (The Mines) of our fully-playable, four-level game: Shine. It is the result of a 7-week intensive production, by 36 students, overseen by Ubisoft's "Academia Summer-School."

Shine's Website: shine2013.github.io/

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