This Reel is an updated compilation of my professional and personal animation work as on July 2013.

Detailed breakdown:

The opening shot of the owl flying towards the camera is from the game Harry Potter for kinect. This is the opening cutscene for the game and I am responsible for both the camera and owl animation. The animation is key-framed and based on reference videos.
The second is a personal work to show case acting and lipsync animation. The rig is free and kindly provided by Josh Sobel through Creative Cash.

Spiderman animation is hand keyed and was done for a game which got canceled.

The military protagonists with "nanosuits from Crysis is also free rig from Creative cash. These are personal animation work to showcase in game animations.

The celebration animation by the sportsmen is from the game Vancouver winter Olympics and is motion capture cleaned up and re-timed.

The following characters are from Disney Universe game. I am responsible for the key-frame animation of all the following characters:
The small minion character in Pirate costume attacking with sword.
Four legged character attacking towards camera.
The large minion character dressed up in Wall-e costume falling down resulting from the explosion.

The birds dancing and celebrating on the podium are from the game Rio.
The first one is based on animated reference provided by Blue sky. Rest all are key-framed by myself based on bird reference and imagination.

The next four animations of the sportsmen is from the game Vancouver winter Olympics and is motion capture cleaned up and re-timed.

The Bulldog is key-frame animation done for the game Rio.

The German Shepherd animation is a test animation I did in my free time between the projects. It is a production rig for bond game. As it is for game animation it is not a very complex rig. It is hand-keyed.

The Horse animation is a personal work. The rig is an online free rig modeled by Hung Vodinh and rigged by me Joel Anderson. It is hand-keyed.

The Hulk animation is also a personal work to showcase body mechanics. The rig is free from Creative cash.

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