The ancient art of tracking is sadly being lost. The Peace Parks Tracker Academy was established to preserve waning indigenous knowledge for coming generations by training people in the art of tracking.

Green Renaissance was invited to spend two days at the Tracker Academy to tell the story of some of the future graduates from this programme. Of all projects that we have covered over the years, the Tracker Academy is one of the most impressive that we have had the opportunity to work with – by training up unskilled, unemployed people from rural communities, who go on to work in the ecotourism industry, it is having a lasting positive impact on these local communities and the environment.

Thanks to Nikon for sponsoring the camera equipment used on this project!

Tip/Trick: Often when working on projects where you don’t have the time to tell a narrative story through visuals, you need to rely on interviews. The simplest trick for interviews, is to ensure that you shoot them with two camera angles – one tight, and one wide. This allows the editors in post, to cut out content that you don’t want to use.

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 14-24mm, 35mm, 70-200mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

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