When We Stir God’s Wrath - 1 Kings 11:9-13
Not only had Solomon brought idolatry into Israel which was not eradicated until Josiah was king, some hundred years later. Not only had he brought ungodly women into Jerusalem, whose offspring would forever tempt & intermarry with God’s people, leading family after family away from the Lord. Not only had he used the wealth that God had blessed him with to pay for the construction of false temples. Not only had he as king, whether he meant to or not, influenced all of Israel for the worse. Not only did he by example in marrying pagans, set up his grandson to marry the daughter of none other than Jezebel.
But I think the part that hurt God the most and made Him the angriest was that God had personally appeared to Solomon and showed him such favor. God had appeared to Solomon in a dream where God literally asked Solomon to just ask and he would have it after which, God gave Solomon not only wisdom but riches and power. But God had also appeared to Solomon later on when he dedicated the Temple where God gave Solomon a specific promise that if he would remain faithful, now God would bless him and his children forever.
So to some degree, it was that Solomon had been given so much and not only didn’t use it to do good but instead took it and did evil.

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