Dream team (dictionary pronunciation) - a team whose members are pre-eminent in a particular field, see The Showtime Lakers, the 1992 USA basketball team or Kacy and Harold.

I do sincerely believe if you look up "dream team" in the dictionary you would see Kacy and Harold's picture next to the definition. This couple has something so very special going for them.

Starting with how they met, at a mutual friend's wedding, and how they hit it off so well that even though he was working in Calgary, he came back for her graduation at UBC. He called her every night after that. And she couldn't bear being apart from him that after graduation, she found a job and moved to Calgary and stayed there for a year.

That's something special when you're willing to uproot your life and be with someone. And to be legally married to them and maintain a long distance relationship for two years. That's what Kacy and Harold did, while he had to travel back and forth for work. Something seriously amazing drew them and held them together.

Because they held it all together through the thick and thin, we got to witness their belated celebration of their wedding day at the beautiful garden at Westwood Plateau Golf Club. We got to capture the special day for two people so meant to be, they define it, in their unique way (watch their cinema portrait here). They were just so full of joy and fun, it just infected all of us behind the cameras, so much so, that at the end of the night, Aaron, Donna and I had our own little dance party when Gangnam style came on (another story for another time).

Kacy and Harold, thank you so much for being such great sports, for being so game for all our little crazy scenes that were concocted throughout the day. And thank you for your beautiful story and letting us capture your special day.

Shout out to Ryan and Kayda of Elle&R. Pleasure working with you again and hope to see you soon.

- nouver

Music // Falling by Secrets in Stereo. Licensed through the Music Bed.

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