My friends and I have been trying to land a no rope 360 wakesurfing behind the boat. We call it the "Elusive White Buffalo" after the movie "The White Buffalo" starring Charles Bronson.

I am a goofy-footed rider, but most of my friends are regular so I thought it would be fun to learn to surf backside when the boat is weighted to that side. I wasn't feeling it tonight so I thought I would try and surf switch toeside. For the first time I was able to catch the push of the wake and let go of the rope. I felt pretty good on the board so I tried to spin a 360, I spun all the way around and lost the push of the wake so I tried again and was close but not quite there. I tried one more time (3rd times the charm) and nailed it. It was so hard to contain my excitement. I surfed forward and tried another one but was too excited to ride away. But falling was the best way to celebrate the death of this trick.

Board: CWB Tsunami
Fimed with: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
Flying footage done with: DJI Phantom that you can get from ATI

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