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Your Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matt Beran
Guest: Farah Remtulla, Consultant, KPMG

Farah: Practitioner turned consultant
Shout out to the IT Skeptic “ITIL end in tears”
Farah moved from Emery to KPMG 6 months ago
Biggest benefit – meeting practitioners in different places and problem solving
One of goals is to make impact in breaking preconceptions about consultants
First couple months learning client’s business
Many are overwhelmed, don’t have training budgets to go explore and use all the resources
Books find most often at clients are Gene Kim’s Visable Ops and Glen O’Donnell
KPMG have series of internal courses, industry based, that they motivate you to take
Consulting firms take note!
Concept Hooper talks about that eventually IT people won’t be provide services as cost effectively as external service providers – is that feasible?
Daniel Pink “A Whole New Mind” – we want to outsource because until we move away from this we don’t have room to get creative / pro-active
Can’t just focus on management part – what creative value can come out of ITSM?
You can lead a horse to water… self-realised is more powerful than being told
Unofficial acronym - KPMG = Keep Pimpin' My Goods!
Value of experiences from Emery? To be reminded how it feels in practitioner’s shoes
Started career young, as ambitious minority female brought challenges but was taught to be humble because whenever you walk into a room there is potential to learn from others - listening is so important
Each age group has different approach
Toby Moore in UK early 20s want to connect and find out why he got into ITSM?
Listeners - not everyone has privilege of knowing what you know – SHARE!

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