Director: Noah Sow ,

Full Credits and Video Info:

Nodemocracy is released as a video, single and Remix EP on August 23... mere coincidence just before Germany's federal elections.

Nodemocracy is the third single off NOISEAUX' album »Spectrum«.

First and foremost, this edgy Electro Pop Hymn is artists and activist Noah Sow's current motto. "My art and my love and my body cannot be and will not be a democracy. The number of people who get to have a say in those matters is: uno." Simple as this philosophy may appear at first, implementing it is certainly challenging. Regulations, exclusions and sanctions apply to the female artists' body and body of work.

In the video, directed by Noah Sow, societal roles and functions are interchanged. Those usually in command remain silent, reduced to their body and to providing a cheerful atmosphere, jumping upon request. NOISEAUX, meanwhile, talks about autonomy while-not-smiling™.

A higher res. and embeddable version of the video is on Youtube (yeah... erhm):

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